Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday at Waterbury Baptist Ministries

Hey! It's Allie Foshee and Britney Tallent-Smith reporting from Waterbury! Today has been tiresome, but filled with excitement and memories. Today in the Sunday worship, Britney shared her testimony and not only did it touch the hearts of the FBC Huntsville members, she bonded with the people of Waterbury Baptist Ministries as well. Pastor Maner made us all feel welcome and glad to be part of their church family for this next week. After worship, our whole team helped with the Waterbury Fair. We all had such a blast and even welcomed in some of the songs for the week of VBS. We know the children are all so excited! We are expecting 64 kids starting Monday! WOAH! It's amazing how God shows us to be commited in being His hands and feet. Since we were expecting about 40 this morning and then Jamie dropped the bomb that we would be having 64, I thought of how blessed we all were to be here to welcome all these kids! As of now, we have about an hour until lights out in our hotel rooms. Allie and I are sure we are all happy it's the end of the day. And yes, we will all be passed out within five minutes of shutting our eyes. I assure all the people at FBC Huntsville, that we are making you very proud. I believe Allie and I both can say how proud we are of this group on how much we've accomplished in the first day. We all stayed moving, and had our hands full. We are all being very flexible , and we cannot wait to see what this next week has in store for our entire youth group. We will be getting an early start in the morning that some of us aren't used to, as we have to be downstairs at 7:30 precisely. Whew! and oh how this week will fly by. But through it all, God is going to show us the amazing works of what our hands and feet can do. Before we close out, our whole youth group says thank you to all who made goodie bags! They are amazing and we are so happy that we had those extra sugar fixes to keep us awake. Please continue to pray that we will show the kindness and love that our youth group can outreach to these children in the next week that some of them may not get at home. We can't wait to see what each youth member brings to the table and what they are capable to do through God. As our lives change in the week ahead, we pray that we change the lives of the children and people of Waterbury. So, again please pray for our entire group as we head into this upcoming week as it will be filled with excitement, love, tears, changes (personally), and bonds within our group. We love you guys and miss y'all probably as much as you miss us (maybe a little less) ha-ha. On a last serious note, we know that God is going to do wonderful things through us and we can't wait to see what this week will bring. Hope to talk to y'all soon and will share the amazing moments in the week ahead. Goodnight Huntsville, signing's Allie and Britney wishing you all sweet dreams until tomorrow. AUSEEL AND BEANS ROCK SOX EVEN WHEN YOU WEAR FLIP FLOPS.


  1. Allie and Britney, THANKS for writing an update...great job describing your day and your expectations! So thankful you got there safely and had a wonderful day! How exciting that you are anticipating what God will do through you this week! You will be a blessing...and be blessed by serving the Lord! Be encouraged that there are many many folks praying for you!
    Love & Blessings!!! Kim Mims
    Allie, I am one of your prayer partners! I am honored to be able to support you in prayer!

  2. Allie, you and Caroline make the cutest clowns. Love your ensemble!! Can't seem to recognize the white bearded guy behind you. Stay excited about your work this week. The kids will love your enthusiasm. Remind everyone they are being showered in prayers by all those at home.--Becky Caneer