Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Night

Hey Huntsville!! This is Sarah Leffel and Sarah Sizemore. We are currently at a free time and are getting ready to play cards and laugh a lot! Sarah Sizemore(me) has learned the in-depth meaning of FLEXIBILITY! It doesn't mean you don't like what's going on, but it means you don't show it. This past week I have done the following: had my room changed, had three different jobs in VBS(the final one I found out the day before we started), and Hope left us Preschool teachers to be with her children. I'm not the only one of the group who has been flexible. I have been so proud of how easily we move from one job to the next(even to cleaning out the milk bucket).
Enough about flexibility. Today was a little hectic. Apparently everyone assumed that by the fourth day all the grownups could completely back off and let us students take over. WRONG! Now, most of the grownups would have a heart attack sitting back and watching if they backed off completely, so they did do what they usually do, just less. We rose to the occasion, but apparently the children didn't get the memo. They were borderline out of control. We are all praying that tomorrow will be better.
Tonight there was a Commissioning Dinner for us. The food was quite good, and the people from Waterbury were very nice. I feel so good knowing that they're praying for us. I felt like we should have been praying for them, which we are. Those who are very attached to the kids got emotional at saying goodbye(mainly Brittany). Overall, it was a lovely dinner and a lovely sentiment. The high point of the evening was listening to Sarah Leffel try to speak Hungarian and failing miserably. Laci would hear her try, then immediatly cover his mouth with his hands and bent over laughing. So funny. Now I'm going to share the blog with the other Sarah. (I should get a certificatte on the Wall of Fame!)

Hey YA'LL:

This is Sarah Leffel. I am writing to all of you faithful bloggers out there who are very patiently and diligently listening. Today was a FABULOUS day, but then again every day so far has either been good, or if it has not been good, it was a day where I learned something. My role in VBS was leading the music room. This meant that I stood in front of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 year olds and sang praises to the Lord. It was not what I wanted or had hoped to do in the first place; I had wanted to work hands-on with a small group of children. Instead, the Lord had a different idea in mind and through the whole experience I have been blessed. The Lord is good isn't he? The lessons we have been teaching the children have applied to me. I have been learning along with them. I have to say some of my most favorite parts have been Mystic (this means spending time with my best friend and senior, Lindsey Ellison, as well as Ryan Stallcup, Eric Stallcup, and Robert Boothe) playing games at night with my friends (which in more detail means laughing till I have NO breath left and my stomach hurts), but also spending time with one of my new friends and brother (that is just my nickname for him) Laci. He is SOOOOO FUNNY!!! :) I enjoy spending time with him and as Sarah Sizemore said, learning Hungarian!! What an experience!! This WHOLE blog is all to say: We are alive, we are rockin' it, and are seeing God work in our lives- does it get better than that? Oh! And since I have power I am going to give a little shout out to my family, and to my prayer partners, but to all of you as well, may you be blessed by us and God.

Love and Goodnight,
Sarah Leffel and Sarah Sizemore

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